8 Ways to Save On Energy Costs in the Office this Winter

Rotric -8 Ways to Save On Energy Costs in the Office this Winter

When winter settles over Sydney your office will start going through some energy management changes.

And you know what that means? Your energy costs could go through the roof.

The colder weather brings with it shorter days, darker clouds and with the reduced sunlight we find ourselves turning the heating up and lighting on.

Do you know on average workplaces consume up to 30% more energy during the winter months?

Most of this is due to heating and the increased use of lighting throughout the day.

Energy Management at your workplace can play a key role in countering these increases, reducing energy usage and delivering energy cost savings. Not to mention keeping your carbon footprint as low as possible in these energy thirsty months.

So we have put together 8 energy saving tips for business during winter. Follow these and you will see a marked difference in your winter bill.:

1. Turn off your lights

  • A simple task and the best way to save energy but many businesses still fail to do so.
  • Drive over the Harbour Bridge at night and you will notice the lighting remains on throughout the night in most office buildings.
  •  These workplaces are equipped with lighting control systems, that, when operating correctly provide sufficient lighting throughout the day and will power off when the office is empty. Many of these systems suffer programming issues when installed incorrectly or when an office gets behind on their preventative maintenance. This is easily fixed with a lighting system audit.
  • A Master switch is the alternative to a lighting control system. If your business has no lighting control, a master switch can easily be installed across the lighting circuits. So the first person arriving in the office and the last to leave can turn the lights on and off ensuring the lights are not on when the business is unoccupied.

2. LED Lighting upgrades will improve energy efficiency

  • LEDs are the most energy efficient fittings available in the market.
  • Given the technology is no longer considered ‘new,’ LEDs are now also widely available and very affordable.
  • LED Lighting has no maintenance costs, there are no bulbs or tubes to be replaced and on average they last up to 50,000 hours.
  • NSW Government is offering subsidies to business who upgrade their existing lighting to energy efficient LEDs
  • With the government subsidies available this is one of the best ways of reducing energy costs.
  • Again it is best to speak to an expert when considering any kind of Commercial LED Lighting upgrade. They can easily run through the initial costs of making the upgrade as well as instructing on the best lighting system to use, considering the space you are trying to light.

3. Turn down your heating

  • Set your temperature thermostat between 18°C and 20°C
  • Every degree you reduce heat by can save up to 10% on your energy use.
  • Your staff don’t need to be walking around in t-shirts and shorts during the winter because you are blasting the heat.

4. Consider a programmable thermostat

  • Set the heating to come on 1hr before the office opens and to turn off 1hr before it closes, meaning the office will be nice warm throughout office hours and there’s no chance of forgetting to turn the heating off.

5. Turn off your PC’s every afternoon

  • Stand-by settings on electrical equipment consumes energy, when you have 15-20-50 desktops this equates to a material amount of energy and cost. Turn off your PC’s to eliminate this.

6. Laptops over PC’s?

  • PCs use 5x more energy than laptops.
  • If you’re considering an equipment upgrade there are many benefits of switching to laptops over PCs.

7. Replace old equipment and appliances with new star rated equipment

  • With the innovative technologies now available in the market business owners should consider upgrading old equipment and appliances. Replacing the office fridge is a great way of saving energy.
  • And if this is a road you take make sure that energy efficiency of this new equipment is a key deciding factor in what you buy.
  • Even if they do end up being a bit more expensive initially you will reap the rewards over the equipment’s lifetime in the form of energy savings.

8. Get an energy audit

  • It is such a simple and quick procedure but an energy audit will pinpoint where your business is wasting money and how best to fix the issue.
  • Using a professional company to help with your energy management should be one of the first tasks an office manager looks after each winter.
  • The company performing the audit will move through the office and make a list of everywhere you are wasting money and another list on how best to start saving you money

As a Commercial Electrician with over 45 years’ experience in Sydney, Rotric understand how to save on energy costs and with our assistance can show you how to reduce your energy bill.