Have you taken over a new office space or made modifications to your existing one? This is why you have to speak to a commercial electrician

Have you taken over a new office space or made modifications to your existing one This is why you have to speak to a commercial electrician - Rotric Australia

Whether you are starting a new business or simply moving offices it’s important to ensure you are providing both a safe and productive workplace for your employees and customers.

A Commercial Electrician can provide guidance on ensuring your workplace installation is compliant with the relevant legislation, regulations and codes as we’ll as providing insight into what similar business are doing with their offices and data cabling needs.

It’s important in these circumstances to make the distinction between a commercial electrician and residential electrician or general handyman.

What to expect from a Commercial Electrician:

  • Awareness of the codes: There are specific building installation codes for electrical and communications services. These are complex documents that are covered by legislative regulations and requirements, but despite their complexity they still must be followed. By working with a qualified commercial electrician in NSW you can get advice on your installation to ensure you are compliant.
  • Ability to undertake work without disruption to the clients’ normal business: In the commercial environment, clients often need to coordinate a new services installation without disrupting their normal day-to-day business activities. At Rotric, we specialise in working in a “live environment” with clients, in order to ensure the new services are installed in a timely manner without disruption.
  • Range of Services: When selecting an electrician, you should look for someone who can handle everything from the simplest of jobs in changing a light bulb to massive emergency shutdowns and repairs. This gives the electrician the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your installation, as well as how you operate, and allows them to tailor their approach to suit your needs.
  • Commercial Electrical Emergencies: Commercial electrical problems are often large-scale and complex. Because of that, companies that offer an emergency electrician who can repair services to businesses need to have the right equipment. They also need enough electricians to handle the problem when it occurs. At Rotric, we have the team and the resources needed to handle all kinds of commercial electrical emergencies.

Electrical Safety In The Office 

The first step in providing a safe environment in the workplace is to have a qualified electrician attend the site and go through a simple electrical safety checklist:

  1. Check if RCD’s/Safety switches in place on all final sub-circuits
  2. Check the exit and emergency lighting been tested and maintained
  3. Check the appliances been tested and are in safe working order
  4. Thermo-scanning of the switchboards to ensure there are no ‘hot spots’ or dangerous connections 
  5. General site inspection to ensure all data cabling is appropriately secured, out of reach of potential damage and does not pose a trip hazard.

By simply going through the electrical safety checklist an electrician will gain an understanding of whether your installation is up to standard of not and provide guidance on what’s involved in bringing it up to standard.

Energy Audit

Our team at Rotric has the ability to undertake an energy audit of your existing lighting in the workplace. The majority of offices in Sydney are still running redundant lighting technologies be it the older fluorescent style tubes or halogen downlights.

These lighting technologies consume excessive amounts of energy when compared to LED alternatives available in the market today. 

With the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme providing financial incentives to businesses saving energy by upgrading to LED lighting, there has never been a better time to consider making the change. 

Minor Works 

Often times its necessary for businesses to make changes to their workspace, whether it’s due the addition of new staff, they’re having issues with the existing office arrangement or they would like to upgrade to an improved technology

Have you taken over a new office space or made modifications to your existing one This is why you have to speak to a commercial electrician - Rotric Australia

Why are Minor Works important?

Minor Works are important because a business can make the necessary changes required to service additional staff or office changes without disrupting their day-to-day activities. 

Our Minor works division at Rotric can install to a design or assist in making these decisions by removing the need to engage expensive designers or consultants. 

We have the ability to design to the required standards the following services:

Commercial electrical services:

  • Lighting alterations, additions
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Workstation Reconfigurations
  • Power alterations and additions
  • Data Cabling alterations and additions
  • New data outlets for Wireless access points
  • Switchboard Upgrades

Compliance Testing

As a business owner part of the responsibility in providing a safe environment is carrying out periodic testing of the electrical installation:

  1. Exit and emergency lighting testing – Every 6 months – testing involves the power supply being cut to the fittings to ensure they work off battery power for a minimum of 90min, simulating an emergency evacuation scenario where power could be cut to the building.
  2. RCD or safety switch testing – generally every 12 months – the testing device simulates a hazardous scenario where someone is exposed to an electric shock to ensure it disconnects power within the required timeframe = usually 0.3 seconds
  3. Electrical Test and Tag of appliance – different timeframes for different environment – this test ensures any appliance from a microwave to an extension is electrically safe for use.
  4. Thermal-scanning of switchboards – 12 months – this ensures the installation is sound and free from hot joints that can pose a fire risk in the building 

At Rotric we handle all of the above, so for any enquiry be it as small as an additional power point or as large as a full office refurbishment we should be your first point of contact for any commercial electrical services work in Sydney and NSW.