Common Mistakes to Avoid With Cat 6 Cable Installation

Common Mistakes to Avoid With Cat 6 Cable Installation - Rotric Australia

Category 6 cable, commonly known as Cat6 is a twisted pair cable used to network and connect computer devices. It is used to carry signals such as audio or video between devices through an ethernet connection.

When setting up networks, a proper structured cabling installation can save you from having a number of issues further down the road.

At Rotric, we know the common mistakes to avoid when installing Cat 6 Cabling so that your installation is set up correctly the first time.

Common Cat6 Cable Installation Mistakes

As Commercial Electricians and Registered Cablers with ACMA (Australians Communications Authority) we frequently run into mistakes that people have made when installing Cat6 cables. Common mistakes to avoid:

1. Separation of Services

When you install data cabling alongside electrical services, without sufficient segregation of services, generally 300mm, the installation will be exposed to electromagnetic interference. This affects the signal running through the data cabling and can disrupt the transmission or lead to a slower network connection. 

2. Not securing cables in place

One of the most frequently overlooked yet vital practices when installing Cat 6 Cabling is securing the cable in place. Cables can stretch, deform and become damaged when left loose in the ceiling which can impact negatively upon the network performance.

3. Disregarding acceptable installation length

For peak performance a cat 6 cabling installation is restricted to a 90m cabling run. If cables are installed outside of this parameter then the installation will be susceptible to interference or slower network speeds.

4. Future-Proofing your installation

A structured cabling installation is an investment in your business, when deciding on which category of cabling to install its important to build in additional capacity (Cat6 or Cat6A) to future proof your installation. With the level of innovation that is occurring in the industry, correct planning can mean your installation will last 10+ years without requiring many changes. However, many installers go with the cheapest option when installing data cabling meaning additional work will be required within a year or two. 

Proper installation will save time and money.

If you would like to learn more about some of the common mistakes to avoid when installing Cat6 cabling, or to discuss any of our commercial services, contact Rotric.