5 Reasons You Should Hire A Licensed Electrician

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Licensed Electrician

With potential hazards such as fire or exposure to live electricity which can cause severe injury and in some cases death, it’s extremely important to hire a competent licensed electrician to undertake work at your business or household.
Licensed electricians receive a large amount of business through repeat business and word of mouth so if you are looking at undertaking some electrical work it’s important to get a few quotes and also a few references you can check.
A background search on google to see how long the electrician has been in business and whether they have any google reviews or ratings can also be a good indicator.
Here are some key indicators to be aware of which separate licensed electricians from unlicensed electricians.

1. Licencing

To earn a NSW Contractor/Supervisors License, a commercial electrician must acquire the necessary training through hours of practice and be tested on state electrical safety codes (which are updated frequently). A good licensed electrician has put in the time and effort necessary in training to earn these qualifications and keeps the license current with ongoing training on a regular basis. An unlicensed electrician may be cheaper, but if they do work in your workplace or household that is not up to current NSW state electrical codes, you are running both safety and insurance risks that can be extremely costly.

2. Insurances

A competent licensed electrician holds the insurances required for them to safely carry out their work and in the unlikely event that an accident occurs, they’re covered and so is your business and property.

Your workplace insurance policies very likely require that any electrical work done at work be done by a licensed electrician— having an unlicensed electrician carry out work may invalidate your policy. If the electrical work then causes a fire or other hazard, your insurance company may not cover what you think they should, if anything at all.

3. Quality of Work

The licensing process requires evaluation of the electrician’s work, to ensure that it is consistently up-to-standard and safety specifications. With ongoing improvements in safety each year, it’s important to use a licensed electrician whose work can be inspected by the supply authority.

If you hire an unlicensed electrician, you can’t be sure they’ve dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s in the safety and quality department on any work done in your office. Your business, your life and that of your staff and members of the public lives are all too important to risk on unlicensed work.

4. Installation Materials

A competent licensed electrician will purchase materials and components through reputable wholesalers. They will not cut corners with cheap materials and components easily purchased online.

This is extremely important because all the materials and components stocked in these places must meet Australian Standards.

It was only recently that Masters Home Improvement stocked a non-compliant electrical cable that did not meet the Australian standards and posed a fire risk. Many business owners and homeowners were left to foot the bill of recabling their place.

5. Peace of Mind

It may cost a little more to engage a reputable licensed electrician but having the piece of mind know that they are correctly licensed and insured, have carried out a quality installation using the correct materials and components is worth the extra $.

It may seem cheaper up front to have an unlicensed electrician come in and do the work, but in the long run, it isn’t worth it. If their poor-quality electrical work causes a fire or someone is electrocuted, life and property are at risk. At the very least, things wont work how you imagined, and you’ll have to hire a licensed electrician in the to fix anyway. Do it right the first time and protect your business.

Rotric’s commercial electricians are licensed and insured. We update our training and stay current on the latest electrical codes. Because safety and quality are our main priorities.