LED Lighting Upgrade: Why You Should Make The Switch Now

LED Lighting Upgrade Why You Should Make The Switch Now

LED Lighting technology has completely revolutionised the global lighting space in the past 10 years. With an endless number of LED products now available in the market and pricing now competitive with alternative lighting technologies, it’s the right time to undertake an LED Lighting Upgrade.

Why should I make the switch?

  • Energy Efficiency
    – On average LED lighting technology is 50-70% more efficient than all other lighting options (see comparions of LEDs vs Alternative lighting sources)
    – LEDs work off cold light generation technology, this means when compared with alternative lighting sources a immaterial amount of energy is wasted through heat dissipation
  • Easy on the environment
    – LED fittings do not contain mercury, for this reason they are much safer to dispose of environmentally
  • Safer to handle
    – There are no glass bulbs or tubes and so are much safer to handle and more durable
  • Light Quality
    – LEDs offer the widest range of colours across the visible light spectrum, with many fittings coming in ‘tri-colour’ and offering the ability to switch between warm white (2700k), cool white (3000k) and daylight (5000k)
    – Unlike incandescent lights that use only 10% of the power to create ‘visible light,’ LEDs use about 85% of the power.
    – LEDs do not produce Infrared (IR) or Ultra-Violet (UV) rays.
    – Radiated heat (IR) and UV rays present the risk of burn hazard.
  • Extended life with low maintenance cost
    – With no tubes, bulbs or starters to change, there is effectively zero maintenance to do on an LED fitting unless in the unlikely event the LED Driver fails – these are typically covered under warranty for 3 to 5 years
  • Government rebates
    The NSW Government is offering financial incentives to businesses who upgrade to LED Lighting