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Rotric was established way back in 1973 to provide Commercial Electrical Services to businesses around Sydney.

Being a service-based business in the 70’s was a different kettle of fish to today’s market, although the same principles did apply.

At Rotric, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable and responsive service. Doing that back then without the use of mobile phones certainly had its difficulties.

But we managed and we thrived. We did this through the use of the CB Radio.

Our business was operating out of Sussex St, in Sydney’s CBD. We had six service vehicles working across Sydney and each van equipped with a 2-way receiver, linking back with the base at Head Office.

Clients would ring the office to request a callout and the person manning the phones in the office would immediately get on the radio to see who was in the area and in the best position to respond.

We were quick to react, our teams roving the city servicing commercial operations as Sydney begin to emerge as a global city and financial heavyweight. We have watched and helped grow this beautiful city into the powerhouse it is today. We have helped countless companies become the success stories they are today. And we take great pride in not only watching them succeed but in our own longevity as well.

Trust and building relationships over decades are the pillars of our proudly Australian-owned company.

Moving forward to 2019, we operate using the same principles and are now considered one Sydney’s longest serving and leading electrical and communications services provider.

What to expect when you engage Rotric

Reliable and responsive service

Transparent pricing, we provide free quotes or are happy to work off a schedule of rates

Ability to work in an occupied or ‘live environment’

Quality workmanship and installation

Experienced staff


Clean & Tidy


We have most certainly moved with the times. We are at the forefront of all technological advances within our industry, we are fully accredited and up to date with all compliance and regulations that commercial businesses need to adhere to. Our team of electricians are as qualified as they come in the industry.

We have however retained the spirit and character of Rotric circa 1973, and that is our personable service, our dedication to actually forging relationships with our clients, and the accountability we offer for every job we do.


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