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Commercial Electrical Services Require Special Skills

In order to avoid malfunctions and lost productivity, along with equipment failures and unscheduled downtime, it is very important to have commercial electrical work done by a professional. By choosing a professional, commercial electrician, you can protect the health and safety of your business and its workers.

What to expect from a Commercial Electrician
in Sydney

There are specific things you can expect when you hire a commercial electrician for your business' needs. These include:

  • Awareness of the Codes: There are specific building and installation codes for electrical and communications services. These are complex documents that are covered by legislative regulations and requirements, but despite their complexity they still have to be followed. By working with Rotric you can get advice on your installation to ensure you are compliant.

  • Ability to undertake work without disruption to the clients' normal business: In the commercial environment, clients often need to coordinate a new services installation without disrupting their normal day-to-day business activities. At Rotric, we specialise in working in a "live environment" with clients, in order to ensure the new services are installed in a timely manner without disruption.

  • Commercial Electrical Emergencies: Commercial electrical problems are often large-scale and complex. Because of that, companies that offer emergency repair services to business need to have the right equipment. They also need enough electricians to handle the problem when it occurs. At Rotric, we have the team and the resources needed to handle all kinds of commercial electrical emergencies.

  • Range of Services: When selecting an electrician, you should look for someone who can handle everything from the simplest of jobs in changing a light bulb to massive emergency shutdowns and repairs. This gives the electrician the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your installation, as well as how you operate, and allows them to tailor their approach to suit your needs.

At Rotric we offer a range of services, including:

Minor works such as lighting, power, and data installations, alterations, and additions

Commercial LED Lighting / Office LED Lighting / Industrial LED Lighting / LED Lighting upgrades

Data Cabling / Structured Cabling - Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6A / Multi mode and single mode fibre optic

Energy Management (energy audits, surge protection, voltage optimisation, power factor correction)

Maintenance, service, and repairs

RCD Testing

Electrical Test and Tag



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Commercial Electrician vs Residential Electrician?

Commercial installations are formed from the same theory as residential installations, but they are vastly different systems. However, people often assume that they can engage any electrician and get the same experience. They do not see much distinction between residential and commercial, but they fail to realise that a residential electrician is not going to be equipped to handle large, commercial projects. The ways in which electricians work means they generally specialise in one area or the other -- residential or commercial. Choosing a commercial electrician is the right option for your business.

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Why should I engage a commercial electrician?

If you are trying to decide why you should choose Rotric instead of the residential electrician down the street, here are some important things to know about commercial electricians:

  • We hold all the required licenses and certifications to handle commercial projects, and are aware of the latest rules and regulations in the field.
  • Commercial electricians in Sydney have the manpower and equipment to handle large-scale commercial electrical repairs and installations. At Rotric, we can mobilise an entire team of electricians to get the job done quickly.
  • Commercial electricians will source their installation materials only from major suppliers, so you know that all services and materials installed in your office or building meet Australian Standards.
  • We are insured, so your interests are covered. Commercial electrical damages can be expensive, so you need to engage contractors with sufficient insurance cover to protect you.
Our Electricians Are:
  • Well trained and have years of experience in their field
  • Up-to-date with all the rules and regulations regarding commercial electrical work
  • Licensed, insured, and certified so you can trust our service
  • Friendly and honest, so you can trust their advice and recommendations
  • Quick and efficient, so you will not have to wait a long time for them to get the job done
  • Presentable, professional, and courteous
  • Understanding of the need to clean up after themselves
  • Knowledgeable about how to work in a "live environment"

Reach out to Rotric today, and let us help your business get started on any commercial electrical services you need. Our focus is direct to Sydney's Office, Building & Facilities Management, and Industrial Warehousing Sector of the market. We take our work seriously, and we know that you have a choice in commercial electricians. With our 45 years of experience, we are highly qualified to take on your project and give you the results you need so you can go on with your company's goals.
We understand that your business needs to continue, even when there is electrical work that has to be done. That is why we provide electricians who are available on emergency call-out, along with those who have the ability to undertake an installation in a "live environment." Making sure you get the quality and value you need, want, and expect when you work with us is highly important, and we are dedicated to making sure you get what you require from our services.

What to expect when you engage Rotric

If you have not used our services before, you may not know what to expect. We will be proud to bring you responsive and presentable electricians on your site, who will keep things tidy and get the job done quickly for you.

Meeting our customers' needs matters, and if you are in need of a reliable, responsive, and professional electrician to assist with an electrical or data enquiry, Rotric is here to make sure you get the advice, guidance, and help you expect.

We can answer your questions, schedule service, and send you a professional who will get there on time, do the job, and leave the area neat and orderly. Get in touch with us today, and we can get started meeting your commercial electrical service needs.


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