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Australian businesses are under pressure to maximise energy-efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety across their operations. The solution is industrial LED lighting, a relatively simple change that can give a business a huge leg up. By upgrading your workplace to LED fittings, you are tackling all three goals at once - energy, cost reduction and safety - with one change.


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Advantages of upgrading to industrial LED Lighting

So what are the advantages of upgrading to industrial LED lighting?
Here are just a few of the most important features that you can count on.

Energy Efficiency

LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available in the market today. You can save anywhere from 40% to 75% on energy costs just by upgrading from traditional lighting.

Improved Light Quality

LEDs deliver whiter, brighter lighting that can help to improve productivity, employee morale and safety.

Operating Life

LEDs have the longest operating life of all lighting options.

Cost Savings

by upgrading to LED fittings, you will immediately begin to realise cost-savings to your bottom line. In addition to energy costs, you will also save on maintenance, replacement costs, operational downtime and equipment rentals.


by eliminating the high-risk maintenance and replacement requirements of your traditional lighting system, the potential for workplace accidents can be significantly reduced.

Instant On

Unlike other lighting options, there is no warm-up period for your LED lighting upgrade, even in cold temperatures.


LEDs are a solid state technology, so there are no bulbs or filaments to break. LEDs are also resistant to shock and vibration, and they will not stop working if they are knocked around a little.


LEDs are virtually maintenance-free, meaning that you spend much less time and expense spent maintaining and replacing light bulbs. The only real investment that you will make is the the operational downtime and expense of hiring someone to replace the older style bulbs that you have in your home or business.

Incentives / Government Rebates

Depending on the municipality that you are in, you can get tax rebates and other incentives for simply having LED lighting in your home or business. You can also take advantage of federal incentives as well as state incentives.

Disadvantages of upgrading to LED Lighting

When considering an upgrade to LED lighting, the main disadvantage is the initial cost of the fittings. However, when it comes to industrial lighting, the LED offerings in the market sit within the same price bracket as metal halide or mercury vapour fittings, so there is no real difference in price. The only real disadvantage is the initial cost of the change. After that, you will instantly begin to save money.

When everything is said and done, you will most likely benefit from a change to LED lighting. There are many more advantages than disadvantages to the upgrade of LED strip lighting. Although you may pay a bit up front in order to install your new lights, you will make that money back in a very short time.

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