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LED Lighting Upgrade

With the cost of LED lighting fixtures now comparable to other technologies on the market, there is no reason to wait any longer to make the change. LED lighting is here to stay, and it is a much more cost-effective option than past forms of lighting. Australian businesses are under pressure to maximise energy-efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety across their operations, and by upgrading your workplace to LED lighting, you are tackling all three with one change.

Making the switch to LED lighting in the office is a fantastic way to become more energy efficient. It will also reduce the operating costs of your business while providing clear, clean, bright light for your workers to enjoy.

Benefits of upgrading to LED Lighting

There are a lot of good reasons to upgrade from your current lighting system to LED lighting. Some of the most important benefits include:

Dramatically reducing the glare from fluorescent lights. The leading reported issues by office employees from fluorescent lights are glare and eyestrain, which are also both a major cause of headaches. This is significantly reduced with more efficient LED Lighting options.

Controlling the levels of light for optimal employee comfort and performance. Research suggests that office workers perform better in specific lighting levels. This is easily achieved with intelligent LED Lighting and the ability to control light levels in your workplace.

Increasing your employees' energy, vitality, and mood. While natural sunlight provides optimal lighting, intelligent LED office lighting is the closest alternative to providing natural lighting in office environments.

Raising workplace productivity. With the right LED lighting situation, your workers will feel better in general and will want to do more. Happy workers are productive workers, and the quality and level of light can affect happiness.

What’s involved with an LED upgrade?

Is your company ready for an LED upgrade? Here are some of the things to consider:

The switch to an LED alternative in your workplace is an easy and stress-free process. To get started, you can simply have one of our people visit the site to undertake an audit of the existing lighting arrangement and put together a proposal.

We can find fixtures to match the existing ceiling grid and more, along with lighting control arrangements so the only cost is replacing the fittings. That way there are no builders' works attached to the change, so you will pay less for your LED lighting switch.

We can carry out the installation outside of normal hours and remove the old fittings to be disposed of properly. That way you can leave the office one day and return the next to a completely new lighting arrangement you will love.


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Advantages of upgrading to LED Lighting

There are many advantages to upgrading to LED lighting. While you might not be sure whether you want to take that step yet, it's important for you to know about all the benefits you can get when you switch to LEDs for your office lighting. These benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available in the market today.

Improved Light Quality

LEDs deliver whiter, brighter, cleaner lighting that can help improve productivity, employee morale, and safety.

Operating Life

LEDs have the longest operating life of all lighting options, so they will last longer and require fewer replacements.

Cost Savings

By upgrading to LED fittings, you will immediately begin to realise cost-savings to your company's bottom line. In addition to energy costs, you can also save on maintenance, replacement costs, operational downtime and equipment rentals.


By eliminating the high-risk maintenance and replacement requirements of your traditional lighting system, the potential for workplace accidents can be significantly reduced.


LEDs are virtually maintenance-free, meaning there will be less time and expense maintaining and replacing light bulbs. You will also save on the operational downtime and expense of access to replace older style bulbs.


LEDs are a solid state technology, so there are no bulbs or filaments to break. LEDs are also resistant to shock and vibration, and they won't stop working if they are knocked around a little.

Instant On

Unlike other lighting options there is no warm-up period, even in cold temperatures. When you need light, you can rely on LEDs.

Incentives / Government Rebates

When you add upgrades like LED lighting to your workplace, you may be able to get rebates, incentives, and tax breaks from the government due to the improvement.

Disadvantages of upgrading to LED Lighting

When considering an upgrade to LED lighting, the only disadvantage is the initial cost of the fittings. This can be more expensive than other types of fittings, and not all companies want to pay extra for LED lighting upgrades. However, LED technologies provide so much more quality and value over time, that the initial expense is well worth it in the end.

A lot of people worry that they will have to close their business for hours or days when they are having LED technologies installed. But that is simply not the case when you use a professional company to get things done for you. LED lighting upgrades can be done efficiently, so you won't have a lot of downtime. If you have the lighting changed overnight, your company may not experience any disruption at all.

Choose a Qualified Electrician for Your LED Upgrade

When you're ready for your LED lighting upgrade, you want to make sure you work with a qualified commercial electrician who has the experience and know-how you need. By reaching out to Rotric, you can get the information you want and have all your LED lighting questions answered. Then we can work with you to set up a time to visit your site.

By providing you with a proposal, you can see the benefit of LED lighting as a cost-effective way to improve many aspects of your company. Then we can perform the job quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to the work you need to do with your new and improved lighting. Contact us today, and let's get started on your upgrade to LED lighting.


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