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What are Minor Works ?

Often times its necessary for businesses to make changes to their workspace, whether it's due the addition of new staff, they're having issues with the existing office arrangement, or they would like to upgrade to an improved technology. These are known as "Minor Works," because their implementation ideally upgrades productivity without the need to disrupt any of a business' daily activities. Minor works can apply to any aspect of business, from labor to IT to operations.

Why are they important?

Minor Works are important because a business can make the necessary changes required to service additional staff or office changes without disrupting their day-to-day activities. They are the necessary pivots that allow a business to grow and stay relevant within its industry. Companies use Minor Works to ease into change instead of having to implement big stairstep changes that may disrupt the working environment.


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What Minor Works does my company need?

No two Minor Works programs will be the same. Each business has its own needs, and the upgrades that are most needed for one will not work for another. A company must also consider its hierarchy and internal culture. Can a company advance itself without creating hiccups in its current process? Perhaps the labor force is not ready to train in a new standard. Changes must be made in a qualified way to ensure that a company keeps its current customer base happy. This is not an easy thing to do. Most companies need help to remain stable while implementing Minor Works.

The Minor Works division at Rotric

Our Minor works division at Rotric can install to a design or assist in making these decisions
by removing the need to engage expensive designers or consultants.

We have the ability to design to the required standards the following services:

Minor works range of services:

Lighting alterations, additions

Exit and emergency lighting

LED Lighting

Workstation Reconfigurations

Power alterations and additions

Data Cabling alterations and additions

New data outlets for Wireless access points

Switchboard Upgrades

We tailor our approach to your specific workplace and ensure that you are getting a quality design and installation. We also stick to our time and cost estimates, and our operations are carried out without disruption to you day to day activities. You won't even know that we are there, but after we are done, your business will run so much more smoothly.


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