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Making the switch to LED Lighting in the office is a fantastic way to become more energy efficient and to reduce the running costs of your business. That's because LED lighting costs less to use, even though the up-front costs are initially higher than they are with other types of lighting fixtures.
Additionally, the energy efficiency will reduce your power bills and is easier on the planet. Maintenance costs are less, since LED lighting doesn't need the same type of maintenance that other lighting choices require.

Instead, once your LED lighting upgrade is installed, there won't be any kind of maintenance needed on the lighting at all. You can get the installation and then just enjoy the bright, white, clean look of the lighting. You can even have the lighting installed during the hours your business is closed, in many cases, so you don't have to worry about any downtime or inconvenience.

Your new LED lighting installation will be completed after hours one night, and by the time you come back in the morning all the work will be done. There are many great reasons to choose LED strip lighting and related options for your office.


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Benefits of upgrading To LED Lighting

Upgrading to commercial LED lighting has numerous benefits for your office environment. A larger number of offices are making the change to industrial LED lighting instead of older options, in order to receive the numerous benefits this kind of lighting can provide. For example:

Health Benefits

The leading reported issues by office employees from fluorescent lights are glare and eyestrain, which are also a major cause of headaches. This is dramatically reduced with more efficient LED Lighting due to the bright, clean nature of that light.

Wellness Benefits

Having LED lighting in an office instead of older styles of lighting can increase energy, mood, and vitality, making your workers feel happier and healthier. Happy workers are productive workers, so having workers that feel better benefits the workers and your company.

Productivity Benefit

Research suggests that office workers perform better in specific lighting levels. This is easily achieved with intelligent LED Lighting and the ability to control light levels more easily.

Biophilic Benefits

While natural sunlight provides optimal lighting, intelligent LED office lighting is the closest alternative to provide the natural lighting office environments need.

All of these benefits lead to an increase in overall workplace productivity, and companies that are more productive are
better able to grow and develop in the future. These companies can also provide more of what their
customers need, which can give them an advantage in their market and industry.

Advantages of upgrading to LED Lighting

There are a number of advantages to an LED lighting upgrade for your office. The largest of these advantages include:

Energy Efficiency

LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available in the market today.

Improved Light Quality

LEDs deliver whiter, brighter lighting that can help to improve productivity, employee morale, and safety fo your workers.

Operating Life

LEDs have the longest operating life of all lighting options available on the market today.

Cost Savings

By upgrading to LED fittings, you will immediately begin to realise cost-savings to your bottom line. In addition to energy costs, you will also save on maintenance, replacement costs, operational downtime, and equipment rentals.


LEDs are virtually maintenance-free, meaning less time and expense spent maintaining and replacing light bulbs. You will also avoid the operational downtime and expenses of hiring people to replace older style bulbs.

Incentives / Government Rebates

If you switch to office LED lighting, you may be eligible to receive incentives and rebates from the government for the upgrade. That can help offset the initial cost of adding LED lighting to your workplace.


LEDs are a solid state technology, so there are no bulbs or filaments to break and no worries about bulb replacement.

Disadvantages of Upgrading To LED Lighting

When considering an upgrade to LED lighting, the only real disadvantage is the initial cost of the fittings. This can be more expensive than a lot of offices expect, but an LED lighting installation also provides a quality of light and a lack of maintenance that make the initial cost well worth it. LED strip lighting or a replacement of current fixtures with industrial LED lighting are both great ways to ensure that your office shines and offers a brightly lit place for workers to get their jobs done.
For an office that wants to upgrade to LED lighting, but that is concerned about the initial expense, doing a cost-benefit analysis can help them see that the price is worth it for the value they will receive. Over time, the savings on maintenance and power bills will add up, and the commercial LED lighting upgrade will more than pay for itself. That makes the disadvantage of the initial expense really not an overall disadvantage, at all.

Why Choose Rotric for Your LED Lighting Needs?

Choosing Rotric for your commercial LED lighting upgrade means you will receive the value and expertise of more than 45 years of experience. We understand the needs of offices and other commercial businesses in the Sydney area, and we are committed to making sure your company gets the quality lighting options it deserves.
Contact us today, and let our trained professionals assist you in making the right LED lighting choices for your office. We can answer your questions, give you information, and come to your site to take a look at the options you have available.
Whether you want to keep your existing fixture placement and simply upgrade to LEDs, or whether you want to move your fixtures to other locations during your upgrade, we can help. Our dedicated electricians will be happy to talk with you about ways to maximise the value and minimise the time commitment, so your upgrade can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
That can reduce downtime, which makes it easier for your workers and more convenient for your customers, as well.


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