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What is Data Cabling?

Data cabling, which is also often called structured cabling, is the design and installation of a copper cabling system in a home or a business. While not quite the same as the work most people think of when they consider what electricians do, expert data cabling installation is most often done by commercial electricians because the process is similar.

The abilities required for data cabling services and for standard electrical services are similar enough in nature that a lot of electricians provide both types of assistance to their customers. But what does this cabling system do?

A data cabling system is a vital network of cables for most businesses, and these cables provide the infrastructure that supports truly vital elements of your business, such as:

  • Phone systems

  • Building-wide Internet

  • Wifi equipment

  • Room booking systems

  • LED lighting systems

  • Security and CCTV cameras

Because data cable installation offers so much in the way of value for your business, making sure you get the right layout and setup, along with the right electrician to do the job quickly and efficiently, all matters.

With that in mind, it is best to ensure that the data cabling you are having done is undertaken by a professional with plenty of experience. If you hire someone who is not experienced with data cabling, you may find that they do not provide enough cabling for your needs or that they use a cable that will not meet the requirements you have for data transfer.


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What to consider when selecting the right data cabling

Getting quality data cabling is not just about who does the installation. It is also about the cable itself. When you are ready to start on your data cabling installation, there are three main categories of cabling to consider as you design the system. Each one of the categories has their own benefits, so carrying out a cost vs benefit analysis before deciding on the category can help. Then you will be sure you are choosing the right category and making a good investment. Working with a professional can help you understand which category you will need, but here is some of the information you will want to know about each category.


If you want the best-performing copper cabling system on the market, you will want to choose Cat6Aa Cable to be clear, you can get cables that offer you a higher level of performance. But you will not be able to get much length in these cables. By choosing the Cat 6A Cable instead, you get good performance and a better length, which gives you an overall better level of total performance for most applications. By choosing this category of data cabling, you can expect:

Frequency 500MHz

Max cable length 100m

Data Performance 10Gbs

Max Speed 100Gbs


Using Cat6 Cable will give you improved performance when compared with Cat5e. You can expect to get:

Frequency 250MHz

Max cable length 100m

Data Performance 1Gbs

Max Speed 10Gbs

You will also future-proof your data cabling services to some extent, as you will generally have at least some opportunity to upgrade your services and abilities without the need for a new cabling installation. This does not guarantee that you will never have to upgrade, but it does reduce the chances that you will have to upgrade soon.


Cat5e Cable is the most affordable application category when choosing data cabling services. It is a versatile cable that is quick and easy to install, but there is a trade-off for the ease of installation. You are going to see limited performance with this category of cable, which may or may not matter for your particular application.  Some companies only need a limited amount of performance, and this cable would be enough for what they are trying to do or how they use their systems. It all comes down to what you are trying to accomplish. Just keep in mind that, with this category, you will be limited to:

Frequency 100MHz

Max cable length 100m

Data Performance 100Mbs

Max Speed 1GBs

You will also lose the ability to future-proof your system. In other words, requiring more power or performance later will require a new cable installation. When you are investing in a structured cabling system, the idea is generally to spend more on the initial investment to future-proof your installation. Not every business can do that, but those that can should definitely consider doing so. One of the main reasons for that is the Internet of Things (IoT). Rapid innovation is occurring everyday, as more and more applications and technology move over to the internet. In the near future, a data point will be necessary for a huge variety of things not currently available on the market.

Rotric And Your Data Cabling Needs

Ready to get started on your data cabling installation? Rotric is here and happy to help. Our professional electricians understand the needs that come along with expert data cabling, so we can answer your questions and give you information about the next steps.

Whether you have an old installation that you need to upgrade or you need to have something installed in your business' location for the first time, making sure the job is done right is our priority. Our electricians are dedicated to quality and good customer service, and we will do our best to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Fibre Optical Solutions

While the level of fibre work we do at the moment is small, we also think big. If you need fibre optical work done for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to Rotric today. We can talk about the plans, goals, and needs you have, in order to create the best plan for your company. If we can help you, we certainly will, and if there is a reason we cannot meet your fibre optical needs, we will tell you upfront. No matter what specific needs your company has, we always want to provide you with the best value, information, and guidance we can offer.


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