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Energy Management

Awareness of the Codes

There are specific building and installation codes for electrical and communications services. These are complex documents that are covered by legislative regulations and requirements, but despite their complexity they still have to be followed. By working with Rotric you can get advice on your installation to ensure you are compliant.

Minimal disruption

At Rotric we offer the ability to undertake work without disruption to our clients’ normal business.

In the commercial environment, clients often need to coordinate a new services installation without disrupting their normal day-to-day business activities. We specialise in working in a “live environment” with clients, in order to ensure the new services are installed in a timely manner without disruption.

Commercial Electrical Emergencies

Commercial electrical problems are often large-scale and complex. We offer emergency repair services and have a skilled team of electricians who can handle problems when they occur.

Range of Services

We can handle everything from the simplest of jobs in changing a light bulb to massive emergency shutdowns and repairs. This gives us the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with your installation, as well as how you operate, and allows us to tailor our approach to suit your individual needs.

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