Sydney Boardroom Electrical Fitout

210 George Street is located in the heart of Sydney’s bustling business district. With its prime location and expansive size of 2,000m², this boardroom electrical fitout brought our clients vision to life over a 10-week period.

The scope of services was extensive and comprehensive. From architectural lighting to communications networks, every aspect was meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Highlights include:

Architectural Lighting: A new architectural lighting system was installed throughout the space, illuminating the boardroom with elegance and sophistication. This strategic lighting design not only enhances the ambiance but also improves visibility and productivity.

KNX Lighting Control System: To ensure seamless control and management of the lighting system, we implemented a KNX Lighting Control System. This advanced technology allows for centralised control of lighting levels, scheduling, and energy efficiency, providing both convenience and cost savings.

Clevertronics Hive Exit and Emergency Lighting System: Safety is paramount in any commercial space, and this boardroom space is no exception. Our team integrated the Clevertronics Hive Exit and Emergency Lighting System, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and providing peace of mind for occupants.

Siemon Cat6 Communications Network: A robust communications network is essential for modern businesses, and Valmont delivered with a Siemon Cat6 network complete with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. This high-performance network infrastructure supports seamless connectivity and data transmission, facilitating smooth business operations.

New Tenant Distribution Boards and Supply Authority Metering: We installed new Tenant Distribution Boards and supply authority metering, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of electrical distribution throughout the space.

Generator Backup and Cable Containment System: To ensure uninterrupted power supply, a generator backup to the Tenant DB was installed supplying the MCR. Additionally, a cable containment system was installed to organise and protect electrical and data cables, minimizing clutter and improving safety.

New MCR with Copper and Fibre Backbone: The project also included the construction of a new Main Communications Room (MCR), complete with copper and fiber backbone to the satellite FCR. This infrastructure upgrade enhances communication capabilities and future-proofs the space for evolving technological needs.

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