Grosvenor Place electrical project for Ord Minnett

The team at Rotric had the pleasure of transforming the workspace at Grosvenor Place, located at 225 George Street, Sydney for Ord Minnett, a prominent financial services firm.

With a vast size of 5,000m², this ambitious project aimed to modernise and enhance the functionality of the space over a 14-week duration.

Project Highlights:

Architectural Lighting: We commenced with the installation of new architectural lighting throughout the premises. This strategic lighting design not only illuminates the space with elegance but also creates a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration.

Cbus Lighting Control System: To ensure seamless control and management of the lighting system, a Cbus Lighting Control System was implemented. This intelligent system allows for centralized control of lighting levels, scheduling, and energy efficiency, enhancing both convenience and sustainability.

Stanilite Nexus Exit and Emergency Lighting System: This state-of-the-art system ensures compliance with safety regulations and provides peace of mind for occupants in case of emergencies.

General Power and Data Services: The project team provided comprehensive general power and data services throughout the premises, ensuring reliable and efficient electrical and data distribution to support the firm’s operations.

Panduit Cat6a UTP Communications Network: A robust communications network is essential for modern businesses. The Panduit Cat6a UTP network complete with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty offers a valuable investment. This high-performance network infrastructure supports seamless connectivity and data transmission, facilitating smooth business operations.

AV and Security Structured Cabling & MATV: The project included the installation of AV and security structured cabling, as well as MATV (Master Antenna Television) systems, to support multimedia and security requirements within the space.

New MCR with Copper and Fibre Backbone: A new Main Communications Room (MCR) was constructed, equipped with copper and fiber backbone to the satellite FCR (Floor Communications Room). This infrastructure upgrade enhances communication capabilities and future-proofs the space for evolving technological needs.

APC Smart UPS Systems: To ensure uninterrupted power supply and protect critical equipment, APC Smart UPS Systems were installed. These systems provide backup power during outages and ensure the integrity of sensitive electronic devices.

Recessed Floor Boxes: The project team installed recessed floor boxes to provide convenient access to power and data outlets while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

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